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Only one word needed about this evenings approaching storm…”Amazing!”

Traditionally in Lesotho the shepherds burn the mountains to call upon the spirits of the ancestors to bring the rains, which when they come result in new growth & grazing for the animals. The fires won’t bring the much needed rain in this time of extreme drought & heat, but at least they provided us […]

  The drought in Lesotho has yet to really hit the headlines outside of the country, with many choosing to focus on the drought within many areas of its larger neighbour, South Africa. Having lived here for over 3 years what I do know is that every year water has tended to be in short […]

Early yesterday afternoon I could see that rain was coming. Not something that would excite most people back home in the UK but here in Lesotho we have been desperate for rain. It has been unseasonably hot & dry. Rivers & springs have been running dry & people across the country have been struggling to […]

For those of you who were wondering how the wonderful day of coolness & rain ended (see previous post)… …Well as is often the case the sun broke through just at the right moment producing spectacular golden lighting across the valley & with it came a rather feint rainbow. Now the rainbow was not perfect […]

Few people, certainly those of you who are back in the UK, would think that a grey cloudy day of rain and thunderstorms would be something to write about, let alone photograph.  Well for us it is . Over the last couple of weeks it has been hot, hot, hot (36, 37, 37, 37 & […]

Sometimes when you are photographing odd things happen… I was photographing another storm this evening with some long exposures & the camera set on a tripod.  Only when I downloaded the images & looked at them in Lightroom did I notice something strange about this one… Any suggestions.  It was a 20sec exposure & logically […]

Today’s second big storm of the afternoon in the Maphutseng Valley produced good steady rain which was great for the crops, unlike the earlier hail storm, but was nothing special to photograph. 15 minutes before sunset I noticed a yellow tinge appearing in the sky to the West and thought to myself “this could be […]

Yesterday evening was stormy.  Very Stormy.  In the space of an hour  26+mm of rain & hail fell as thunder & lightning crashed around the Maphutseng Valley. This was the best image taken during that hour during which I had the camera set up to take images every second to try and capture as much […]