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Stormy Weather

Yesterday evening was stormy.  Very Stormy.  In the space of an hour  26+mm of rain & hail fell as thunder & lightning crashed around the Maphutseng Valley.

This was the best image taken during that hour during which I had the camera set up to take images every second to try and capture as much lightning as possible.  Lots of images to delete (2000+) but I think it was worth the effort.

Storm photography is not for the faint hearted, although it is a little safer when done from the covered stoep (patio), but not much when the lightning is striking the ground less than a mile away!

Protecting the camera from driving rain is also an issue at times,.  The Canon 5D MkIII seems reasonably weatherproof, although it did have to be rescued on this occasion when the rain started driving in from the ‘wrong’ direction!

Lightning strikes, Maphutseng Valley, Lesotho

Lightning strikes, Maphutseng Valley, Lesotho     © Barry Mann Photography 2014


Image capture details:

Camera – Canon 5D MkIII with 24-105 L f4.0 lens

Focal Length – 24mm

Aperture – f22

Shutter speed – 1.6sec

ISO – 50

Preparing for Take Off…

The new website & blog from Barry Mann Photography is being prepared for take off.  Please sit back & relax.  It will be launched shortly…

Flybe Aircraft

Flybe aircraft taking off at Southampton Airport